Professional ServicesCloud Migration

Bespin Global's strategy for cloud migration consists of two items for rapid application program (application) analysis, evaluation and migration planning, and accurate task execution.

  • Planning

  • Due diligence

  • Preparation

  • Execution

  1. Fast and rapid application program (application) analysis and evaluation.

    A full scale review is performed to garner whether the application programs that worked on the existing on-premise infrastructure and cloud environment will work normally after cloud adaptation and migration. During the consulting process, development is not only done for infrastructure but also on specific applications. The overall application suitability is reviewed based on evaluation of network and security. Then, the migration of essential corporate business application programs is carried out and various approaches for improving overall system performance are taken and various approaches for improving system performance are established and carried out rapidly.

    • Cloud workload identification
    • Review of application operation and performance
    • Case review of cloud management tools
    • Selecting and proposing the optimal cloud platform
  2. Establishing a migration plan and accurate execution of work.
    • Identification of not only the existing infrastructure's configuration but also the characteristics and architecture of the customer's infrastructure through an in-house developed review process.
    • Technology review and the roles required for migration are divided and given to each of Bespin Global’s area engineers to establish the migration process rapidly.
    • The level of network security is improved above the required level and simulation is carried out for normal operation.
    • All processes are carried out through an expert project manager while communicating with the customer.