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While many companies are moving to the cloud, many companies are still establishing their cloud strategy. Successful IaaS strategy starts with the customer's business goals. Bespin Global's cloud strategy consulting satisfies the technological requirements of the workload for architecture, performance, and security. We will do our best to continuously provide new product strategies and solutions to further clarify the customer's business requirements.

We do our best in establishing a rugged cloud strategy guaranteeing rapid scalability and improvements in customer's IT infrastructure.

  1. Feasibility and ROI analysis about cloud deployment
  2. selection of optimal application for the cloud
  3. considerations consulting per cloud platform
  4. establishing the project according to the cloud introduction
  5. review of requirements; such as execution security and network
  6. consulting for infrastructure operation management rights and establishing operational policies

Why? Bespin Global

Providing optimal roadmap for executing corporate strategy
Establishing a concrete roadmap is helpful in cloud strategy operations. A cloud provider with key technology ensures the successful implementation of public, private and hybrid clouds; having a clear understanding and execution capabilities on public/private clouds, Bespin Global provides all solutions for a successful cloud infrastructure. We perfectly carry out the role of a corporate IT organization and have a clear concept on organization, manpower and processes.