Bespin Global can clearly answer the question of “Do you understand the Cloud?” We have many cases of developing clouds, providing implementation and operational services to various local and overseas companies and acting on security issues that occurred during operation.
We rapidly implement architectures optimized for various industry areas into a hybrid cloud environment interacting with IDB using AWS,MS Azure, and Flexcloud.
Bespin Global is a premium brand for strengthening Hostway's cloud business that has provided corporate professional hosting services and managed services since 1998 and is dedicated to Hostway's cloud managed service provider (MSP) business.

“Helping You Adopt Cloud”

Service area outline

  • Professional Service


    • Recognition of the necessity of infrastructure implementation (change).
    • Providing implementation strategies and solutions.
    • Providing blueprints for future development.
    • Providing concrete work and schedule.
  • Professional Service


    • Executing solutions required for implementation.
    • Review and proposal of optimal platform.
    • Selecting and implementing optimal platform.
    • Test and review of installation infrastructure.
    • Provide rapid implementation service.
  • Managed Cloud


    • Providing real 24 x 7 x 365 operational services.
    • Monitoring and proactively reacting to failures.
    • Proposing optimized infrastructure improvements.

Why Bespin Global?

  • We have a wide range of technology expertise and multiple successful cases of implementation and operation, from startups to large scale public data centers.
  • We have a global network of expert engineers in each area (AWS, MS Azure, IDC Services) capable of rapid and accurate technology support and can, thus, implement and operate services anywhere in the world.
  • Providing rapid and accurate technology support services from consulting to implementation and operation through an expert in each area.
  • Specialized consulting teams optimized for overseas deployment (North America, Europe, and China) provide overseas infrastructure implementation services.