Managed ServicesHardware Management

The hardware management service maintains all hardware and firmware for all customers, 24 x 7 x 365 and provides technology support and operation service through professional engineers.

All hardware components are inspected and rapid part replacement and relocation services are provided if problems occur.

  1. Saves time and cost to maintain the server and minimizes management points.
  2. Establishes policies on access rights and task guidelines with expert engineers and operation personnel who have years of experience in hardware operation and management.
  3. Provides successful operation service through management experience on various hardware vendors and Bespin Global's unique operational know-how.
  4. Proposes proven hardware through an internal POC and validates management hardware through an in-house test process

The technological capability of Bespin Global is improved through active cooperation with each supplier. The details of launch and functionality, price, performance, technical specifications, and update timing are systematically managed to propose optimum hardware with considering given to the key requirements of the customer while providing service for successful implementation and operation.

  • Review of requirements

    • Hardware and service product management
    • Review and establishment of technology roadmap.
    • Review of R&D items
  • Purchase

    • Supplier management
    • Ordering items/inventory management
    • Asset management
    • Quality management
  • Execution

    • Establishing supplier efficiency indicators.
    • Supplier quality review
    • Establish and update product cycle