Managed CloudManaged AWS

Bespin Global, managing the AWS (Amazon Web Services) cloud, provides the values of AWS such as the flexibility and scalability of the world best cloud platform to customers through a variety of support and management services. We improve the convenience of corporate customers through accurate and rapid technology support of AWS certified engineers and Korean language tax invoices.

Bespin Global is an AWS certified MSP (managed service partner). As a company recognized by AWS to manage the customer's AWS infrastructure in a stronger and more stable manner, we are striving to provide the best technology support and operations services to our customers.

MSP (Managed Serivce Partner)

To achieve AWS (Amazon Web Services) MSP (Managed Service Partner) certification, a certain sales level, number of customer cases, AWS certified top class engineers, operation of in-house developed AWS management tool, service requirements, including third party accounting audits and the complex capability to provide AWS managed services to customers, are certified through an external party audit. As of October 2015, only two companies in Korea including Bespin Global have acquired this certification.

We implement systems according to customers’ business purposes, and operate distribution and an in-AWS client in a stable manner while providing an optimized management service.

AWS infrastructure operation management.

24 X 7 X 365 technology support, monitoring action and failure handling.

High availability.

Internal defect and failure recovery, backup, implementation and operation of a disaster recovery center.

AWS product analysis and optimization.

Various package services, primary technology support services and agency services beyond secondary level technology support services (paid).

Optimization of hybrid configuration.

Reduction of initial costs using hybrid technology and proposing solutions to overcome legal and regulatory issues according to data location.

Dedicated AWS team

Through the dedicated AWS team operated by Bespin Global, you can receive the highest class premium management services in Korea. Engineers with high-level understanding of AWS products and services and experience in large-scale global service operation perform AWS infrastructure operation agency services through AWS certified solutions implementation, specialized technology, systems operation and developing capabilities.

AWS management portal

Bespin Global provides infrastructure operation, technology support and billing tasks for the AWS infrastructure through a dedicated management system. You can receive continuous technology support services offered by a systematic business process through faster task processing speed and technology support history management. Project managers (PMs) in charge of each customer account perform the systematic operations management and support communication between engineers. Fast failure response is provided by the in-house solving of primary technology support services as well as close interactions with AWS headquarters engineers in the case of secondary technology support requests.

Accurate billing system

Bespin Global systematically manages the complex and various billing systems of AWS through an in-house developed billing system and provides a more accurate billing service. Additionally, we provide various payment methods more conveniently to corporate customers through the issuance of Korean language tax invoices and yearly contracts.