Managed CloudManaged Azure

If you want to implement your infrastructure with Azure, Microsoft cloud platform, Bespin Global will be your best partner. We have a 'Cloud OS Network' which proves our know-how of successfully operating a large scale public cloud system up to now based on Hyper-V, the virtualization technology of MS, since 2009 and our capability to optimize Azure. We promise a successful project execution from continuous optimization, monitoring, management, security to operations. Bespin Global proposes a perfect solution to customer companies and provides know-how on successful public, private and hybrid IT cloud environments.

We provide a variety of infrastructure environments through Azure.

  1. Driving new applications based on Azure (supporting transition/implementation of existing license based applications to SaaS type new business model).
  2. Migration to fast and rapid Azure (successful migration project from other cloud platform to Azure)
  3. Development and test environment (IaaS,PaaS), and implementation of optimized development environments.
  4. Migration to Azure data center through an alternative of separating and improving the existing IT infrastructure.
  5. Data backup and DB optimization.
  6. Disaster Recovery (DR) and High Availability infrastructure implementation

Service Items

Full-time support (Real 24 X 7 X 365)

24 X 7 X 365 tech support and solutions: Proposes industry best class SLA, rapid technology support possible by supporting a separate management portal (Ticketing System).

Cloud infrastructure optimization

Create future improvement directions and evidence material. Propose an optimized blueprint on implementation and operation. Provide monthly report (separate contract).

High level security

We provide consulting and Implementation Services with real-time monitoring, user authentication management and policy management for data storage. It will be able to satisfy the securituy and management reqirements.

Convenient and accurate payment

Consolidated billing information can be verified on one dashboard in real-time; various billing methods are provided (Korean language tax invoice provided).

Provides one-stop consolidated management system environment.

Provides management services for all technology elements on infrastructure operation management (security, distribution, expansion/reduction, database, backup, OS, network, storage services).