Managed Cloud

We provide managed cloud services optimized with the characteristics of customers in mind; such as corporate, individuals and public institutions.

High availability/failure recovery hybrid infrastructure.

The large scale enterprise hybrid cloud service and existing hosting service of Bespin Global can provide globalized IT operations to customers while maximizing the value of a customer's business. We at Bespin Global provide a uniquely rich cloud service enabling stable operations of a corporate business under a mission-critical environment while distributing a cloud infrastructure suitable to the customer's needs.

Managed AWS

In providing AWS (Amazon Web Services), Bespin Global provides AWS service design, implementation and operation services optimized to the company's business purposes. We at Bespin Global have specialized engineers and various successful operations cases for providing the powerful services and solutions of the world's best cloud service to our customers in a more convenient and accurate manner. We provide the best class of AWS managed services in Korea so that existing IT environments can be integrated with AWS with an understanding of a more efficient and high class IT solution for a wide range of customer sizes; from start-up to enterprise. Read more

Managed Azure

Beepin Global is an expert group for Azure, Microsoft cloud service. We can provide a detailed and rapid operation service through expert engineers with a good understanding of the cloud and Azure. We implement and operate not only private environments but also cloud environments using Hyper-V technology and provide Real 24x7 technical support service through certified experts. We provide full cloud operations including migration, orchestration, scaling, monitoring, security management and optimization through MS Azure. Read more

Managed FlexCloud

Hostway's Flexcloud was developed in 2009 based on Microsoft Hyper-V virtualization technology and has provided stable cloud services locally, as well as globally. Bespin Global can provide perfect operation services through expert engineers who participated in the implementation and development of FlexCloud. We provide a more stable and professional operations service for strong public cloud systems optimized for the customer environment. Read more

Managed Private Cloud

A cloud-based infrastructure is operated individually according to a company's internal environment. Based on the know-how gained by implementing and successfully operating large scale public cloud systems globally and domestically, we implement and operate private clouds optimized for each country. The efficient distribution of corporate IT resources, high stability and availability are provided in a system environment integrated into departments and subsidiaries through the private cloud. Read more

Managed Hybrid Cloud

A service for implementing and operating a hybrid cloud environment by connecting various cloud platforms (AWS, Azure, FlexCloud) with physical servers (Server hosting, Co-Location, On-Premise). System performance can be maximized through a hybrid cloud system by connecting the cloud's advantages of agility, flexibility and scalability with the physical server's advantage of stronger security. In addition, by utilizing the customer's existing legacy system, initial implementation costs can be saved while legal and regulatory limitations due to the data's physical location can be technologically solved. Read more