Managed CloudManaged FlexCloud

This is a service providing server support in a virtual space; it is an IaaS type cloud service which is capable of automatic server expansion, supports both Windows and Linux and is capable of server setup within 15 minutes.

  1. Pay-as-you go pricing system (Timely / Monthly)
  2. Server can be used within 15 minutes after request.
  3. Provides FlexCloud console for easy and convenient server management.
  4. Automated dynamic scalability.
  5. 24*365 technology support.
  6. Stable operation-based on recent MS Hyper-V 3.0 technology.

Developed at Korea R&D and launched global service in Chicago, USA in November, 2010. Korean service launched in February 2011.

  1. Developed at Hostway Korea's R&D center and provides global service.
  2. Provides flexible and scalable cloud service.
  3. Service incorporating 15 years of hosting technology and operational know-how.
  4. The first pay-as-you-go real cloud service in Korea.
  5. Service provided by Bundang Hostway IDC offering excellent stability through HA (high availability) configuration.
  6. 24x365 Days technology support through dedicated cloud engineers.

FlexCloud features


  1. Selection of time and monthly fees.
  2. Low cost
  3. Firewall, 1 IP per virtual server.


  1. Dynamic scalability based on automation.
  2. User selects server specs.
  3. Multiple IPs provided.


  1. Physical equipment (high availability)
  2. High level of duplexing.
  3. Strengthened security
  4. Backup


  1. Easy and quick server creation.
  2. Easy server management through UI.
  3. Centralized management of distributed resources.
  4. Server image/copy possible (fee based service)

Excellent functionalities

  1. Server creation and management functionality.
  2. Convenience through a consolidated management console

FlexCloud convenience

FlexCloud servers provide a web UI based portal through which users can adjust the various functionalities to improve the servers’ performance and functions.