Managed CloudManaged Hybrid Cloud

There are many practical limitations to implementing an entire IT infrastructure into the cloud. IT environments are hard to implement in the cloud due to technological, cost/benefit and legal/regulatory reasons. These can be overcome with a hybrid environment. By maximizing the existing legacy IT infrastructure's utilization, the initial implementation costs can be saved while consolidating the operation management points to guarantee a more efficient operation.

FlexLink, a hybrid cloud technology of Bespin Global, is a service enabling the implementation of a hybrid cloud by connecting the FlexCloud public cloud servers with physical servers (server hosting, colocation, corporate computing centers). By utilizing FlexLink, the advantages of cloud services (agility, flexibility, expandability) can be combined with security, the primary advantage of physical servers (Server Hosting, Co-Location) to maximize system performance. A hybrid configuration within an Amazon instance (Direct Connect) is also possible (service to be provided in 2016).

Why? Hybrid Cloud

In running the following sites and applications, only the cloud architecture can be the most appropriate infrastructure. In the case of public institutions, if large capacity data and unexpected traffic are concentrated and cause problems in scalability, if improved security and highest level access control are required in a private cloud environment, if high speed performance and availability through dedicated server are required, Bespin Global satisfies all requirements for customers through a hybrid cloud environment.

  1. The high reliability and performance of a dedicated database are required.
  2. Dedicated firewalls and cloud infrastructure within dedicated (independent) network environments improve the security level.
  3. Unlike physical servers, custom made large scale cloud servers provide flexible scalability while improving implementation speed.
  4. A consolidated and concentrated management point for physical servers and cloud services is provided in dashboard form to improve management convenience and efficiency.
  5. Additional security improvements can be achieved through a separate VPN tunnel.
  6. Dedicated load balancing (LB) distributes traffic within servers in a fast and efficient manner.
  7. High availability is guaranteed in a mission critical IT environment and workload.
  8. It guarantees and improves the value of existing on-premise infrastructure while adopting the cloud's advantages.