Managed CloudManaged Private Cloud

Bespin Global private cloud is flexible and powerful. This cloud platform is not dependent on one cloud vendor and provides a single implemented cloud environment from one rack sized appliance type to large dedicated town type with a scale similar to that of a public cloud according to the customer's requirement.


By using a private cloud environment, a distributed corporate system can be easily converted into a consolidated management environment; to improve management efficiency and increase its security level. These advantages allow the customers to efficiently distribute their resources while achieving high stability and availability. In addition, an overall cost reduction effect can be expected by maximizing corporate IT resource utilization.

Rapid new development and project execution.

The new businesses, developments and test environments within a company can be easily and rapidly implemented to eliminate the risks of a system's new investments.

Consolidated system management

The department and subsidiary systems can be managed in a consolidated manner and identical system environments can be used for them.

Cost reduction

Unnecessary system investment and management can be eliminated to realize cost reductions.

Managed Private Cloud Architecture

Transforms a distributed system into a consolidated management system through a private cloud.

Private Cloud Strategy

Maximizes the advantages of each cloud through a variety of cloud platforms to provide a private cloud environment optimized for each customer. Each area's professional engineer successfully implements the legacy infrastructure characteristics into the cloud to provide an improved cloud based environment.