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We provide detailed monitoring on mission critical business based on the newest monitoring solutions while reacting rapidly to potential failure factors.


Bespin Global monitoring service is a multifunctional monitoring solution optimized for the cloud. Unlike existing monitoring tools only offered in on-premise environments, Bespin Global is capable of more detailed monitoring, such as per each service interval or application. It provide a methodology for automatic monitoring thus increasing resources such as AutoScaling.

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Rapid installation and distribution through a small procedure.

The time required for installing and setup of various devices, applications etc. can be drastically reduced. The time for each setup can be saved by distributing templated setups.
- Automated distribution management (IP band scanning supported at a given interval)

Comprehensive consolidated management of various pieces of equipment and services.

Consolidated monitoring services can include not only traditional data centers but can also be within an in-house infrastructure and the cloud.

User defined dashboard (over ADVANCED)

The user can implement a dashboard with a desired structure.

Problem solving and prevention

By providing a snapshot at the time of the event when a problem occurs, a visual for verifying the relevant system's service status is provided. Problems can be quickly identified and solved through these means.

Support of various applications and cloud environments (over ADVANCED)

Supports over 140 devices and applications including servers, databases, applications, networks, devices and cloud services.

MONITORING architecture

It is based on a flexible and scalable consolidated architecture capable of monitoring servers, applications, databases, networking services, network devices, and private and public clouds. In addition, stability is guaranteed through a distributed architecture.

MONITORING -recommended customers

  1. Users of cloud services such as AWS, Azure, etc.
  2. Customers using a data center's server and system (Linux, Windows).
  3. Customers using virtual environments such as VMWare, Zen, Hyper-V
  4. Hybrid type operation customers using multiple systems mentioned above.

Effect of introducing monitoring.

  1. Fast problem identification through consolidated management.

    By using consolidated infrastructure management, problems can be rapidly and easily identified and quickly solved through relationship analysis.

  2. Cost reduction

    Unlike other services which require additional monitoring costs for each application added in the server, monitoring of various applications can be carried out without additional costs.

  3. AutoScaling resource monitoring functionality
  4. Resource monitoring of private space inside VPC is supported

Introducing COMMVAULT backup solutions.

Commvault Backup Solutions is a service for backing up On-Premise & Cloud environments. It enables the easy and rapid backup of major data to the cloud and assists in the efficient management of backup data through scheduled backup/reporting, etc. We implement the solution as an on-premise environment on the customer's IDC to solve the concerns regarding cloud data security while also reducing the cost burden through monthly fees.

“Commvault is a global company which separated from AT&T in 1996 and is headquartered in the US.
The company has implemented the world's best data management solutions and provided consulting for 16,000 companies in about 40 countries around the world.”

Service conceptual diagram

COMMVAULT backup solution features

If you want backup on object storage (S# service within AWS) you can do it through the Commvault solution.


Can be set to perform backups automatically at desired times.


A backup report is provided through which the backup results can be verified.


Provides a portal for controlling backups so that you can manage and verify them on your own.


Risk is reduced through data encryption and security stability.


By only paying for actual use, storage space is saved and operation costs are reduced (reducing CAPEX&OPEX).

Archive and Backup to the Cloud

Stable backup and archiving can be applied in a flexible manner on cloud services such as AWS, Azure, etc.

Disaster Recovery

Provides a remote backup DR (disaster recovery) data storage service for customer's own operated systems.

Technology support

You can recieve fast technology support through Hostway's expert engineers.

COMMVAULT backup solutions architecture

COMMVAULT backup solutions use cases

Commvault backup solutions are used in over 20,000 companies worldwide; over 600 companies in Korea use it as well.

  1. Introduction example 1 (Laboratory)
    • Optimization of resource use by support of source/target overlap removal in the cloud environment.
    • Automated data extraction and lifecycle management on data exceeding set time.
    • Recovery support for file unit data through backup implementation.sssss
  2. Introduction example 2 (Financial company)
    • Backup implementation and scheduled management for important data.
    • Data recovery using backup servers if problems such as failures occur.
    • Validating and complementing settings, such as backup scheduling according to data characteristics.
  3. Introduction example 3 (Users of existing cloud infrastructure such as AWS, FlexCloud, Azure, etc.)
    • Supports data migration in cloud environments such as AWS.
    • Can be applied on various cloud platforms, such as Microsoft Azure and FlexCloud.