Bespin Global grows with its partner companies. We can provide excellent services and solutions for our various global partners rapidly and accurately. For the improvement of customer's infrastructure, Bespin Global is forming a successful cooperation model and ecosystem with various partners. We at Bespin Global are expecting cooperation with various partner companies to provide optimal corporate infrastructure operation management services.

Amazon Web Services

Amazon Web Services is the world's largest cloud service provider. It provides a variety of services and solutions through Bespin Global and we have the capabilities of a consulting partner. We have certified AWS expert engineers and implementation cases.

Microsoft Cloud OS Network Partner

MS COSN partners have the capability of providing the Azure service, the cloud service of MS, in an optimized manner. We have MS Azure expert engineers and various references.

Microsoft Partner

MS Partner Hosting Golden Capabilities have hosting related expert engineer capabilities as well as a wide understanding of MS license products.

CA technologies

The customer's infrastructure monitoring and management solutions are provided through CA Technologies' innovative monitoring solutions. We provide monitoring on various platforms and applications.


We provide Commvault's DR implementation services to our customers. We also provide a flexible yet powerful cloud based disaster recovery and backup solution.


We provide a flexible storage service supporting various cloud platforms through Zadara Storage. We support various cloud environments including physical servers; it is a highly scalable storage service.