Professional Services

Bespin Global developed an indigenous cloud in 2009 to start global services and started the first domestic meter-based service in 2010. And up to now, we have implemented a large scale public cloud and have successful operational know-how. We understand the cloud better than anyone in the country and have the know-how to provide consulting, implementation, operations of the cloud environment and data center relocation for companies. While there are a variety of cloud service platforms, the optimal cloud infrastructure for a customer's business model should be selected by reviewing various approaches and establishing key strategies. Bespin Global has solutions for all clouds and can promise a successful project execution.

Cloud Strategy

What is the service that best fits the company's business objectives? What is the approach method? Which cloud should our company use? In response to these questions, we establish the best cloud strategy through clear solutions and successful cases and provide the entire course for implementation and operation. Read more

Cloud Implementation

There are many different technological approaches in implementing and distributing cloud infrastructure resources. Infrastructure resources are optimized and efficiency is maximized based on sufficient review and a professional implementation process. Through coordination between suitable cloud services and a solution for HA (high availability) configuration, the infrastructure uptime is improved. Read more

Cloud Migration

Understanding of the cloud guarantees a more rapid and accurate migration. An understanding of each platform's characteristics and related services is required for migrating a computing center to the cloud or between cloud platforms. We at Bespin Global have a systematic migration plan and professional migration technology and promise our customers to provide best-in-class project execution. Read more