Management Team

Every employee of Bespin Global has a role in each of the cloud's functional elements. The employees of Bespin Global, consisting of each area's experts from implementation to operation and consultation, are always doing their best to provide professional technology support and services to our customers.

John HanJoo Lee CEO & Cofounder

John HanJoo Lee is an IT infrastructure entrepreneur with 17 years of IT infrastructure management experience. He established Hostway, a managed hosting company, with his college friends in 1998. Hostway is providing managed hosting services to the world's leading companies from data centers located in 12 countries around the world. It provides totally managed hosting services for the IT infrastructure of large companies such as Verizon, Disney, Comcast, Sony, Samsung Electronics and Vodafone based on cloud and IDC services. He cofounded Bespin Global based on the experience he accumulated at Hostway and is leading the company with a mission to provide customers with help for the efficient application of new cloud technology through this new company. In addition to Bespin Global, he is participating in the investment and nurturing of startups as a general partner of SparkLabs. He was born in Korea, went to the US during middle school, and started his business and married life after graduating from Chicago University. Even in his busy everyday life, he spends his spare time with his five family members; he dreams of hand making an audio system when he has time.

Hoon Park COO & Cofounder

Hoon is a seasoned executive, entrepreneur and venture advisor with a focus on accelerating growth in fast-changing environments. He has over 15 years of experience in building new businesses and aligning the needs and growth opportunities for enterprises, startups, and venture capital funds. He specializes in finding pragmatic business solutions involving applications of new technologies. At Bespin Global, Hoon aims at bridging across different cultures, spotting new markets early, introducing disruptive technologies and creating commercial investment opportunities.

    Prior to founding Polygral Partners, Hoon held a number of leadership roles:
  • a Singapore-based hedge fund, Alchem Global (Managing Director, Head of China)
  • a Korea-based private equity fund , STIC Investments (Executive Director, Head of Hong Kong)
  • a global management consultancy, A.T. Kearney (Financial Services Specialist, Korea)
  • a technology investment bank, Hana-iRG (TMT Analyst, Korea)
  • a leading e-commerce and Internet consultancy, Viant (Strategist, Germany and UK)
Originally from Germany, Hoon has worked and lived in Chicago, New York, Munich, London, Seoul, Hong Kong, Ulaanbaatar, Singapore, and now resides in Beijing. Hoon received his B.A. in Economics from the University of Chicago and attended the doctorate program in Economics at Northwestern University. During his nomadic career Hoon learned to appreciate the 100 Things Challenge and strives for a minimalist life style.

Jongho Kang VP of Business Development

Starting as an S/W developer, Director Jongho Kang has been working in the IDC industry for 15 years in systems engineering, IDC general management and business development. Based on his experience developing the first server-side high level search engine and IDC network traffic analysis application, he has been working as a systems engineer and is, as such, operating the system, network and facilities that form the basis of an IDC. He is constantly trying to make new businesses where customer and service provider can reach a win-win solution by integrating applications with systems, clouds, and facilities that form the basis of the IT industry infrastructure. Recently, he is very interested in optimizing hybrid type systems combining cloud with existing systems and is also showing tremendous interest in developing related business models. He majored in computer science at Dongmyeong University and researched the server side optimization at its VR lab. His hobby is enjoying rock music; he is still happiest when he listens to rock music at high volume alone in his car.

Brad Yun Lee VP of Business Development & Strategy

VP Brad Yun Lee has earned his bachelor’s degree in National University of Singapore majoring in business administration, and started his career as the original member of the Asia-Pacific area of since 2006. Moreover, he worked as the manager in charge of the major global firms located in the Asia-Pacific area in Dell Global. Furthermore, he worked as the head of the sales in the Asia-Pacific area and the representative of the Republic of Korea of Rightscale. He is an expert with understanding and experience in the area of cloud including Iaas, Saas, PaaS and others, and has the career directly selling various solutions and handling customer management in a global firm. He has been participating in the advancement into Chinese and global market by taking in charge of business development and strategy after joining Bespin Global. We expect him to contribute to the provision of solutions and IT services optimized for the customers of Bespin Global who are planning to advance in to the global market through his business experiences and networks in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan and others.

Sungsoo Kim VP of Product Strategy & Development

Sungsoo Kim, a team leader, has been successful in the application of global services by introducing public clouds at the early stages of cloud service; he has the knowledge and deep experience in having been successful in designing hybrid cloud services and applying them to actual service. While working for Samsung, he was the overall manager in charge for hybrid cloud infrastructure operations and development of operation solutions used by the SmartTV service. In addition, as the overall manager of developing and operating the common platform used in the SmartTV service, he was a leader for the operation of hybrid and multi-cloud infrastructure to the development of cloud based services. He also launched a Smart TV service encompassing over 17 years of experience in IT solutions and over 200 countries in the world; by using the cloud infrastructure, he performed innovative research / development of designing a common platform for big data, firmware updates, etc. Currently, he is in charge of planning and developing cloud services required for expansion of global businesses at the MSP business unit.